why’d you write about me instead?

Abeir Soukieh is a poet and writer based in Canberra.  She is an Acquisitions Editor at be:longing and her work can be found at be:longing magazine, Not Very Quiet and the Cordite Poetry Review.

“This poem is about being spoken-for with neither your input nor your permission.  In fact, with neither your input nor your permission even being considered as something to be asked for.  It’s a poem about being characterised in a particular way, for a particular audience and for a particular benefit.  It’s also about the sort of subterfuge involved in writing from someone else’s life-experience instead of your own as a way of simultaneously indulging all of those spectator cravings for ‘rawness’ and ‘vulnerability’ without ‘rustling your own feathers’.”

fine bone fine crease
golden-brown inside outside puppy dog

puppy dog puppy dog

coat-tails, third person pin-curls
white sheet white veil white

my undergarments
& did me a solid

I heard you cried for me
& you were humbled by it


© Abeir Soukieh, 2019