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Welcome to be:longing, an online publication exploring personal experiences of migration, cross-culture, nostalgia and divided (or shared) belonging.  We created this space to gather written and visual pieces on anything that touches on those difficult-to-articulate feelings that can arise when your cultural story isn’t quite like “everyone else’s”.

Whether you’ve migrated from one culture to another (or between them), or grown up in a culture that is different to your parents’, or your family has its roots in multiple cultures, be:longing is the place for you.  For us!  For anyone who has ever experienced the complexities of living a multidimensional cultural existence.

Contributing your story:

If you want to contribute, please get in touch!  We are currently accepting contributions in the following forms:

  1. poetry;
  2. thoughts and stories (eg, thought pieces, reflections, fictional or non-fictional stories, memoirs);
  3. visual works (photography, art); and
  4. folk and food-related pieces (eg, reflective pieces on your engagement in traditional or culturally-specific practices, such as cooking, handicrafts, trades, customs, etc).

Don’t feel pressured to distill your entire life into one contribution, either – we understand that humans are complex beings, so we very much welcome multiple contributions.

Either send us your work (to belongingmag@gmail.com), or describe your idea in a few sentences (maximum 100 words) in the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you!

A few guidelines:

  • For written contributions (not including poetry), we request that the piece has a maximum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 4 accompanying photos.
  • For visual contributions, we request a short paragraph describing the piece and how it engages with the themes of the site (to be posted alongside the contribution).
  • For contributions submitted in a language (or languages) other than English, we request an English translation (to be posted alongside the original).

We will consider including contributions that fall outside of these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

Who we are:

Editors-in-Chief (and Founders)
Dunja Cvjetićanin
Jasmine Soukieh

Acquisitions Editors
Anita Patel
Abeir Soukieh