be:longing came to us in a moment of inspiration.  That tiny moment, however, was the culmination of what feels like several lifetimes’ worth of thoughts, midnight conversations and dinner-table discussions enjoyed by the two of us and a truly innumerable number of generous people with whom we came into contact over the years.

Being but feeble humans, we would never be able to remember and name every person who contributed to the development of this publication in our minds.  As a consolation, we have attempted to name those who have been with us during the process of realising be:longing since July 2016.  Here is our list:

We give our most sincere and humbled thanks to:

Abeir Soukieh, Relja Cvjetićanin, Vesna Cvjetićanin, Ella Kurz, Anita Patel, Boripat Lebel, Win Yee Tan and Katrina Ginis.