Apollo within the Oracle

This post comes to us from Greek-Australian artist, Katrina Ginis.  Enjoy her fantastic illustration and artist’s statement, below.  You can find more of Katrina’s work at www.katrinaginis.com.

Artist’s statement:

This portrait of the Delphic Oracle in a state of trance explores the duality of masculinity and femininity by incorporating aspects of Jungian psychoanalysis and Greek myth.  The Oracle’s animus (masculine inner personality) has taken the archetypal form of the God Apollo whose hands encircle her face and is expressed via the prophecies she delivers.  Her blue eyes symbolise absence of the conscious elements of her psyche, as, biologically, blue eye color arises from lack of pigment.

The work engages with notions of nostalgia and intersecting, multidimensional cultural identity.  I have employed a distinctly contemporary aesthetic to depict psychological constructs and ancient mythological motif reflective of my own Greek background.  In so doing, I have endeavoured to demonstrate the manner in which history inevitably influences and informs the present.

Graphite pencil and watercolour on paper.


© Katrina Ginis, 2016