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Jasmine Soukieh is a Canberra-born and raised Lebanese-Australian, currently spending her days between New Zealand, Lebanon and Australia while she pursues a doctorate in nutritional sciences.  Jasmine is one of the Founding Co-editors of be:longing.

Photographer’s statement:

These photos were taken on a recent trip to Lebanon.  For the first time, the trip wasn’t a holiday, but was instead for study; it marked a shift in priority from visits to the grand and coveted historical and natural sites, insulated by the family group, to a focus on the quietly moving and subtly important, oft-foreign familiarity, implicitly recognised by fellows of a country, strangers or otherwise.  The shots were taken during moments of fondness, awe, distance, sadness and contentment in the Qalamoun (القلمون), Tripoli (طرابلس), Akkar (عكّار) and Beirut (بيروت).  They come to you unedited, uncropped and untended, courtesy of a careworn Samsung S4 camera.









© Jasmine Soukieh, 2016