This post comes to us from Win Yee Tan in Sydney, Australia.  Born in Malaysia to Chinese parents, and having lived in Australia for more than half of her life, Win Yee feels like a bit of a transplant at times. She is nevertheless grateful for the opportunity to learn intimately from these cultures, and is always eager to have insight into the many societies around the world.

It’s simple.

A transfusion of the soul,
to hatch and
to grow.

To shine,
and to fly
in a never-ending pantomime
to bid the irregularities goodbye.

A spirit crossing boundaries
Forgetting past memories
It thrives.

But still –
encountering atrocities,
the soul’s narcoleptic tendencies
derived from latent libraries,
escaping from indecency

A collapsed multi-identity
grapples with the gravity
of blasphemy,
of irony,
regretful shock,

An instant twist
of time.

Filtered abilities.
A crumbling soliloquy.
A test
of true identity.

A question mark.

It’s fine.

A transfusion of the soul.
A rebirth.

© Win Yee Tan, 2016