From a shimmering autumn in Kashmir to a majestic autumn in Canberra

Vijay Koul was born and raised in Kashmir, India, among vast mountain ranges, spreading valleys and lakes, and gurgling rivers.  He moved to Australia in 1992 where he began work at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Canberra.  This is also where his interest in photography began, and where his love for it took root.    

Photographer’s statement:

I am from the vale of Kashmir, India.  My journey from Kashmir to Australia was a result of my destiny to travel to the “lucky country” about 24 years ago, and when I migrated to Australia, I landed in Canberra.  Truly speaking, I found Canberra just like my old Kashmir in many ways: quiet, peaceful, tranquil, beautiful and full of pleasant people.

The thing I have missed most over the years is the autumn of Kashmir.  With the passage of time over the last two decades, I have found the autumn of Canberra to be very similar to the autumn of Kashmir.

These two photographs – one captured in Kashmir, at the Shalimar garden of Kashmir, and the other in Canberra, just outside my work while kangaroos were enjoying the beautiful autumn day – remind me of the similarities my two cities share.  I hope readers of be:longing will like them!

Autumn serenity in the Shalimar garden of Kashmir


Kangaroos in the autumn colours of Canberra

V8low[This image was first published in The Canberra Times where it won the 2014 Autumn Photo Competition.]

© Vijay Koul, 2017