A foothold lost

Jasmine Soukieh is a Canberra-born and raised Lebanese-Australian, currently spending her days between New Zealand, Lebanon and Australia while she pursues a doctorate in nutritional sciences.  She is one of the Founding Co-editors of be:longing.

Permute.  Permute.  Produce a hand with fingers born of what has been
Retain in essence hints like glances toward what eludes ever and won’t be seen
In its extension let it remind
Of derivation
Reconstituted sources undefined
To madden its owner, left to the wind
Condemned to grope in service of eyes inherited half-blind

Shift.  Shift –with soft tread and muffled sighs– props that litter common scenes
Recreate from tested plans exteriors disarming –distracting– lest they lean
Let them evoke when Comfort departs
Reverie that sates
And soothes in abstraction a cluttered heart;
Fools its patron in her disquietude
That where there is substitution, she can have no missing parts

Then hum.  Hum.  In apology, a tune to calm the unconsoled
Send back to sleep –with soma– Fear awakened, that he might forget the unresolved
Confine to fetters Recollection
Who has no inkling
How bitter turn his swallowed confections
Then dangle before your recoiling host
Painted scraps –promise to fill her– and cap and hide the poison.

© Jasmine Soukieh, 2017