Ray Mardia is based in Canberra and feels like a child of the world.  Her heritage is a mix of Egyptian and Bangladeshi, and she moved to Australia with her family when she was eight years old.  Gripped by questions of belonging from a young age, Ray is grateful that so many myths, stories and cultures inform who she is today. 

It had been a while.
For the first time,
I was a passerby.
A witness,
at best.
I saw where I was born.
I saw the gaze that
shaped my windows.
The words that
birthed my wounds.
The love that
framed my strength.
I saw my Source.
I kept myself near
To be with it all,
To let go of some.
Mind you,
It sounds far calmer today
Than it was back then.

© Ray Mardia, 2018