A tongue (un)tied

Jasmine Soukieh is a Canberra-born and raised Lebanese-Australian, currently spending her days between New Zealand, Lebanon and Australia while she pursues a doctorate in nutritional sciences.  She is one of the Founding Co-editors of be:longing.

Insecure words intent on hostility
A stubborn mouth that won’t pick a side
And always a clock ticking down loudly
Wound up by a villain
To watch attentive eyes turn to impatience or pity
So, only a crawl to a solitary hole
Can sate and relieve, and reset the rut

Tampering with old strictures that separate
You set rivals to their peace-making
With no demands of partiality
You subvert the mischief
So, into the fold – at your lilting call – come the parties
Forsaking armies inherited in stupor
To prop up their lids and retrain their tongues.

© Jasmine Soukieh, 2018