Smile in connection

Sanjaya Fernando was born to a Sinhalese, rural family in Sri Lanka.  He is currently an academic at Rajarata University in Sri Lanka and moved to New Zealand three years ago to undertake his PhD research in Agribusiness.  There, he explores solutions to challenges encountered by small-holder farmers in Sri Lanka. 

Once upon a time
When I was disconnected
In my move to the “green pastures”
She offered a pleasant smile,
Stood at the corner of the bus stop

I didn’t think twice,
I replied
In my usual
“Big smile”

We talked a lot
We walked a lot
We shared a lot

Later, I knew
She didn’t descend from
The “green pastures” either
Then, I asked myself
Is it only us
Who smile at each other?

Yet, I am happy
Since there is someone to smile at
No matter from where
For someone lost
In the culture-desert
Though I doubt
Whether I will see that smile again.

© Sanjaya Fernando, 2019