Lost in translation

Ezara Ortiz grew up as a mixed-race Filipino-Australian kid in the southern Philippines.  She now calls Hobart home and is in her last year of a Visual Communications degree at the University of Tasmania.  She uses graphic design and film as a way to explore and capture her experiences of home, language, and cultural identity.

Artist’s statement:

Lost in Translation, video (artistic short documentary)

Lost in Translation is an artistic documentary that was initially submitted as a project for a university film class.  It explores how people who speak multiple languages process their thoughts and how translations can give insights about a culture’s values.  The documentary is based on the experience and perspective of my mixed-race Filipino/Australian family members, who all have a different experience of learning their multiple languages.  The work reflects the loss of meaning through the process of translation as well as the feeling of loss when one becomes disconnected to their language.  This documentary could not have been realised without the help and support of the poet, and my sister, Kaya Lattimore, whose poetry is featured within the work.


© Ezara Ortiz, 2019