Agnieszka Berger is a multidisciplinary artist of Polish origin who has lived in Serbia, Poland and Australia.  Migrating to Australia in 2005, she studied ceramics at the Australian National University School of Art and Design, and later completed a Masters degree of Visual Arts in Sculpture.  Agnieszka still lives in Canberra today, and spends her time working on her art (which includes sculpture, translation and performance art), teaching Polish and presenting her performance art. 

Earlier this year, Agnieszka presented her piece, “Pale Pink Sky Blue”, at Smith’s Alternative, and here shares with us the poem from that performance.  This poem was written in Polish and then also kindly translated into English by Agnieszka, and we provide both versions here for your enjoyment.


For me, belonging is about transforming longing into being; in the current moment, appreciating where we come from, and being grateful for who we are and what constitutes us.  Rather than dwelling in nostalgia, it’s about moving on into the affirmation of the present.  We can only change our reality in the moment, connecting to all aspects of life, listening to bird songs, a friend’s voice; inhaling the smell of morning coffee, or feeling the touch of the wind on the cheek.  We come into being as we interconnect with everything that surrounds us.

I believe my home is within me, deep beneath the level of my thoughts.  Wherever I am, I want to connect to the essence of that physical place and to transform it into my home.


Róż żelatynki życia
Gdzie jesteście?
Wśród gwiazd turlamy się,
zjeżdamy po tęczach,
pomiędzy słońcami
nieznanymi księżycami,
Pływamy rzekami arterii.

Zobaczysz nas nagle
w poświacie pamięci.

Ukryty głęboko jej szloch, mamo…
Przejrzał się i znowu zawrócił…

Idź za brzmieniem ich imion, krąż,
bo wsiąkną w cień ciemnego lasu.
Wróciły w tęsknocie blado-różowych peonii.
Gdzie usiąść chcecie?
Krzesełka i sok malinowy dam.
Długie ciemnego księżyca
rozmowy o ciele, przemijaniu i transcendencji.


Pink jelly life specks
Where are you?
We roll around stars
slide on rainbow bands
stretch between suns
unknown moons.

You’ll spot us suddenly
in memory’s afterglow.

Her sob, deep down buried
Mum…  Came back
Looked at itself and
submerged again…

Follow the sounds of their names,
they soaked into a forest’s shadow.
Will they come back?
Are they coming back?
They came back
in pale pink peonies longing.
Where do you want to sit?
I’ll bring chairs and raspberry juice.
Long dark moon stories
on flesh, impermanence
and transcendence.

© Agnieszka Berger, 2019