Canberra-born and raised by migrant parents, life took Teresa Sadkowsky to Japan for 6.5 years, where she lived for fresh sashimi, scuba diving, and cooking with her adoptive grandma.  Now back home, Teresa is gradually readjusting to her old / new life in Australia.

Unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells and people feel strangely familiar, like memories from an alternate universe.

I feel at once challenged by new expectations and liberated from old restraints.

Like a chameleon transforming to blend into the surrounding vegetation, I subtly alter my behaviour and perception.

What was once abnormal swiftly becomes the new normal.  Now, instead of touching others’ hands and cheeks in greeting, I bow my head.

Upon returning to my home turf, I shake off these mannerisms and attempt to revert to my former self.  But what am I now?  Not what I was.

Piecing together these parts of myself is like creating a mosaic from awkwardly fitting shapes.

Strangely, there is always the desire to add more pieces.

So like dandelion seeds swept up in the breeze, I feel compelled to take flight and land somewhere… new.

© Teresa Sadkowsky, 2020