Together in this

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this piece comes to us as a collaboration from sisters Sadaf and Mahnoor Khan.  It touches on the power of unity to bring hope through trying times.

Sadaf Khan is a civil engineer, public servant and entrepreneur.  She uses her diverse skills to write creative pieces for human rights, strength and hope.  Mahnoor Khan is currently a law student and aims to create awareness through her artistic skills.

Poem: Sadaf Khan.  Illustration: Mahnoor Khan.

Mahnoor Khan 2020

is felt
Fear overtook us
Us became
You and me

And we detached

Anxiety rushed like a storm
A cough became an earthquake
Death rates rose to the surface
Like boiling water
Temperature so high
Ready to spill
And burn our souls

But for once
An issue became common
Our thoughts united
Common is the devil
The fear is common
You and I
Became we

No more
You and me
No more
Us and them
It never was
We, it is
And we, it always shall be

My beautiful Australia
I promise you
There is sunshine waiting for us
We are getting through this

If we reflect
Our journeys show
We can do this, too

Patience, care and love
This, too, shall pass
And verily
With every hardship comes ease

Always remember
We are together in this


© Sadaf Khan and Mahnoor Khan, 2020