Published in Pure Haiku, Elephants Never, and From the Ashes — a poetry anthology by Animal Heart Press — Narmadhaa Sivaraja enjoys writing travel haiku, poetry, and fiction at The Chaos Within.  She’s on Twitter as @s_narmadhaa and on Instagram as @narmadhaa_s — go over and say hello!

You don’t see it.
But it’s right there.
In front
of indifferent azure eyes
shifting in sockets
set within whiteness
like an egg, blue-yolked.

Right there
sun-tanned brown,
blending with the wall
in the dark pub light,
like a piece of unmoving
graffiti on toilet walls,
a face
black eyes, arms, and hair
blue shirt.
A creature clothed
in invisibility
in broad streets
and narrow minds.

Yeah, the earth is flat.

© Narmadhaa Sivaraja, 2020