one and same

Zoe Alexandria is Sino-Kadazan.  Her parents are from the island of Borneo. She is currently based in Australia, and can usually be found at open mics. Other samplers of her poetry can be found at

“…i.e. meaning I love you, I do not want this to be equivocated.” 
– letter from my dad

You were drifting off to sleep when 
I was already asleep, that’s the inconveniences 
of time zones I suppose. You were hoping that we saw the same 
moon; that of course we saw the same moon because 
there’s only one moon orbiting the earth.
It’s the quality of the moon that I hope we saw was similar. The 
moon I saw was one split in half, so all the stars could 
still be seen. Recently, 
I’ve been catching myself considering love with no sense attached 
and yet, the sincerity of it can still be felt even
if the human face cannot be seen. As these years had 
passed, I had held on to the 
belief that these endings may not be happy but – look at the moon, 
it waxes and wanes, dragging the tides 
and low. There’s the sun too, and we share the same 
one. Only difference is the heat felt at different 
proximities due to different locations. The days have been 
hard despite the morning sunlight,
but we share the same sun and sky 
and maybe we’ll be able to see
the same view from the same window.

© Zoe Alexandria, 2021