c r e o l e

Frankey Chung is a writer, honoured with the privilege of calling Narrm (Melbourne) home.  He holds Commerce and Law degrees from the University of Melbourne and is currently engaged in a Master of Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing.  His writing pursuits include eco-centered poetry, theatre, and creative non-fiction.  Frankey is happiest among life forms, from the plants scattered throughout his apartment, to the animals and sprawling vistas of open horizons.  You can find out more about Frankey at facebook.com/frankey or on Instagram: @frankey.c.

c r e o l e

Get sa figir, lavwa, lizye, labus.[1]  
Eski mo Morisyen? Lostralyen?[2]  
Shall I interpret this for you, produce
some meaning to resolve your guilt, en fen?[3]   
What if: mo conti mem avek sa dans?[4]  
In mirrors searching for the shapes I fill
to see my place defined sans konesans:[5]         
he/him, they/them, engendered man, distil.
Se Frankey,[6] all too often gone misspelt—       
I won’t correct your faults, for faults procure;
eroding lines, where egos form and melt;
declined from places, white; defined impure.
Look not upon my face, my voice, my eyes,
my mouth, lest you indulge malignant lies.

© Frankey Chung, 2021

[1] Look at that face, that voice, those eyes, that mouth.

[2] Am I Mauritian? Australian?

[3] In the end.

[4] I continue with this dance?

[5] Without knowing.

[6] It’s Frankey.