This old appointment book

Jasmine Soukieh is a Canberra-born and raised Lebanese-Australian, currently spending her days between New Zealand, Lebanon and Australia while she pursues a doctorate in nutritional sciences.  She is one of the Founding Co-editors of be:longing.

The cars out on the main drive
Rush steadily like waves
The air is still and filled up
With the springtime heat of midday
The clouds are in their corners
Making ready for their afternoon
Wherein they’ll link their arms and gather
Holding their baskets full
They’ll sprinkle down their excess boon
And lay their bodies back
Murmur to one another
Hide their faces under straw hats

From this kitchen I remember
A time their outing was delayed
A time when they made other plans
How, apart, they’d holidayed
Then, I’d waited all the summer
After waiting all the spring
From the balcony across the autostrade
I willed what wouldn’t be for weeks
In this kitchen, I’m contented
I know how the season swings
Looking in this old appointment book
I know when the picnic-goers meet.

© Jasmine Soukieh, 2021