Saša Basić was born in Croatia and moved to Australia in 2014. For him, writing poetry is an act of self love.  After years of wanting to express his life through written word, he finally decided to give it a go and wrote his first poem in 2020.  Ever since, poems just started to unfold one by one, as if they were telling the story of ‘The Journey of The Soul.’  Saša is an entrepreneur, avid trail runner and nature lover.  He enjoys cooking and shares the passion for plant-based food with his community.

This poem was originally written in Croatian, Saša’s mother tongue, and is provided in its original form, as well as with an English translation (kindly provided by Dunja Kaczmarek and Saša), below.


Blindness gnaws at me as I roll in a mud of unfulfilled dreams
Picking myself up, and with a half blind look, I search for the answer
My eyelids, still stuck together, seem to let in some light
Enough to sense what lies ahead
I clutch at the straw of salvation, in which beads of sweat patiently wait to be sucked up by a thirsty mouth
Temptation, or a wise move?


Sljepoća me nagriza dok se valjam po blatu neispunjenih snova
Podižući se na noge, poluslijepim pogledom tražim odgovor
Sljepljeni kapci ipak propuštaju nešto svjetla
Dovoljno za naslutiti kako dalje
Hvatam se za slamku spasa u kojoj kapljica znoja strpljivo čeka da ju posrču žedna usta
Kušnja ili mudar čin?

© Saša Basić, 2021