Raíces (Roots) from ‘Aquí en el Medio’ (Here in the Middle)

Evan Crommett is a singer-songwriter-producer and actor born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. His commitment is to cranking out bops from his bedroom studio, sidestepping the genre-police, and officiating the marriage between music that’s sincere and music that slaps.  He’s released four EPs, the most recent two of which – “Aquí en el Medio” and “Craving Compassion or Maybe Just a Baconeggandcheese” – are available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and SoundCloud). 

Artist’s statement:

Raíces (song)

This song is a meditation on my Ecuadorian roots; the strange, middle-ground identity of being mixed race; and the ways that this one-foot-in-each-world identity can bleed into other parts of life.

I’ve explored these concepts through sonics and lyrics alike; latin percussion and finger-style guitar intermingle with modern/sleek/alternative sounds like digital drum samples and heavy vocal layering. I sing in both English and Spanish (the latter being a language I had to teach myself because, despite my parents both speaking fluently, no one ever taught me); I have my mother sing harmonies with me. I sprinkle in cultural nuggets from my Latin-ized childhood: the dishes prepared and the lullabies sung.

I ponder how feeling unidentifiable/miscategorized has, more generally and subtly, played into my love-life and friendships. I call out to my late grandparents and inquire whether the existence I’m leading is everything they hoped for when they immigrated to America. Would my abuela see my melodramatic tendencies as a reflection of her own? Would my abuelo approve of how I’ve carried on his legacy of being a party animal? Am I doing anything right here?

Find “Raíces” on the EP Aquí en el Medionow, on Spotify, Apple Music,Amazon and SoundCloud.

© Evan Crommett, 2021