A smile from Homs

Nikola Popović has worked as an adviser and researcher across state and federal governments in Australia. He holds a Master of International Relations from the University of Sydney. Nikola is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University.


Every time,
when I see your smile,
I feel relieved, as though,
I reached above the water’s surface to breathe.

In a distant place,
your smile defeated misery.
Where there was only desert, rubble and ash,
it conquered torment,
and drew a line between happiness and fate.

When you speak with your smile,
I forget this paralysis,
and time pauses graciously in your eyes.
Your words –
will enter the verses of my poems,
and follow me.

Maybe there will come a time
when blind love will see,
and perhaps we can accept
that everything in this very moment is all that matters.

© Nikola Popović, 2022