Letters Home

Safia Lamrani is a British-Moroccan actor and writer based between London and Tangier. Her work often explores her two heritages and embracing their connections.


Dear Morocco, where do I start?

It feels strange after so long apart

Writing you a letter, seems a bit bizarre,

Like looking to the sky and wishing on a star,

But if places could speak, what would you say?

Would you tell me off for spending so long away?

I wouldn’t disagree and I wouldn’t want to fight,

Especially since taking on a whole country might

Be a little far fetched, for little old me,

But also because I am inclined to agree

It has been too long, that statement is true,

But that is the reason I’m writing to you

Something has changed, it’s not you it’s me,

No this isn’t a breakup please wait and see

I want to thank you, for welcoming me home,

I didn’t realise how alone

I feel, had felt, how much you were missed,

I don’t have regrets but I do wish

To set things right and embrace you as me,

For we aren’t as dissimilar as I was made to see

Your busy streets and clear blue skies,

Welcoming me back and opening my eyes

The people, the noises, the colours and sights,

It’s hard to explain but it just feels right

Anyway I hope you understand,

I know I’m writing to more than just land

So I’ll put down my pen and await your reply,

Take your time as did I

With regards, your child across the dune…

P.S. Don’t post your reply, I’ll be back soon.

© Safia Lamrani, 2023